PopPulse WM8741 DAC 

                   WM8741 technical indicators



The PopPulse WM8741 USB DAC has both the performance and credentials to become the new benchmark in the highly competitive affordable DAC market.

Instead all effort has gone into making the PopPulse wm8741 a superior quality Digital to Analogue Converter. 

The two piece aluminium box chassis design serves to separate the high quality mains power transformer from the sensitive DAC conversion circuitry. In doing so, the signal to noise ratio is enhanced by interference being reduced. 

As well as featuring optical toslink and coaxial digital SPDIF inputs, the PopPulse wm8741 DAC features a very high quality USB 2 input. 

Using the excellent TE7022 receiving chip, this USB 2 input directly converts and feeds the data stream into the high performance WM8741 DAC chip in the superior I2S format (avoiding any needless jitter inducing conversion into SPDIF). 

1: soft control, the perfect support 192.
2: Use the high-performance Active crystal oscillator.
3:Oxygen-free copper RCA lotus seat
4 D independent power supply systems, high-precision, high-efficiency Group A regulated power supply!
5.TPA6120A2 independent output of high-quality headphones! Supports 32 ohm -600 Europe headset!
6:44.1 K-192K, automatic identification. Generally the WM8741 only be in third gear identification 44.1-48,88.2-96, 176.4-192, digital filtering, the functional breakdown of these frequencies.
7: re-optimize the design to and school sound performance and sound overall quality to the next level.
8: branded products, good overall process to complete the degree.
9:Low pass fever tonic shipped put the LME49720 EVOA capacitor.

Wolfson Microelectronics Wolfson microelectronics launch new high-end audio applications ultra-high-performance stereo digital-to-analog converter. This unique innovation the WM8741 to consolidate the leadership position in high-performance audio, Wolfson.
WM8741 ultra high performance combined with Wolfson famous band noise and linearity, as well as the unique programmable advanced digital filter, the device can generate more natural than traditional digital-to-analog converter, analog feel " sound, known as the "most analog D / A chip flavor.

WM8741 provides 128dB signal-to-noise ratio (mono), so it can be set to meet the needs of the most demanding performance requirements of various applications, and can be achieved by tailoring the audio filtering required listening experience.

Wolfson Microelectronics plc has announced that its high-end audio series flagship chip WM8741, Akurate DS digital stream source of Linn's new sound experience played a crucial role. WM8741 chip Akurate DS manages high-bit-rate voice conversion Akurate DS can be called the "music of the future" and a new audio product, which allows maximum flexibility and high performance the Akurate separation system to restore accuracy and value increased to an unprecedented level of precision and excellent. kurate DS Linn products in the second full use of the Wolfson WM8741 advantages of design.

Peter Frith, CTO at Wolfson in audio quality, WM8741 is Wolfson's flagship product. Linn companies require high quality engineers have the WM8741 continue to be used in a follow-up product design for us as a company's ability to provide strong evidence. from WM8741 applications design knowledge gained will be used for being Wolfson full range of products, in order to provide better audio performance, from phones to game consoles to the portable navigation device design, the WM8741 benefit design. "

Linn devices to select key point is that the WM8741 able to provide exceptional sound quality and high-performance, people can perceive the warmth of the music. This is attributed to Wolfson's proprietary, user-selectable digital filter design, which enables the audio performance to a new height. In addition, Linn WM8741 described as "the most accurate sound" and "the only way to meet our needs chip. A five parties involved in the bid, WM8741 Linn's flagship Klimax DS selected.

It is due to the unique properties of WM8741, so we decided that the the WM8741 for developing a DAC, and as our upcoming digital audio standard configuration




* Input impedance: 75Ω 
* D/A converter: 24 bit / 192 KHz 
* Audio output: 2.0v 
* S/N: 116dB 
* Dynamic range: 118dB 
* Frequency response: 15Hz - 20kHz 
* Max power dissipation: 50W 
* Dimension: L: 24.5 cm, W: 19 cm, H: 4.5 cm 
* Weight: 2.2kg

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